About us

Templar’s Gear was established in 2015. From the outset, our company has specialised in the development and manufacturing of tactical equipment that is both innovative and technically advanced. In years Templar’s Gear has made a considerable journey – from a local workshop to an expanding brand with global recognition.

To compete with and outpace the very best that the market has to offer, we continually develop, grow and learn how to deliver ever better equipment to our Customers. At Templar’s Gear, our philosophy is simple – to listen to what our Customers say, then use the best of our knowledge and skills to deliver what's needed. Our products are oriented to meet functional requirements, be durable and comfortable to use. Thanks to wide use of CAD/CAM, technological excellence in manufacturing, as well as thorough understanding of ergonomics, human anatomy and modern tactical requirements the result is state-of-the-art tactical gear that provides users with the best in terms of design, materials and quality.

Templar’s Gear is proud to conduct its entire manufacturing process in Poland. The choice of location allows us to put in place stringent quality-control measures, which apply to the whole process, from design through to packaging. We use only advanced, high-level US and European materials and components. Some of them have been developed especially for our needs. Excellent examples would include our Cordura-based laminate, renowned for its durability and strength, and the EVA-foam/CoolmaxTM composite we use to make the comfortpads of the Crusader Plate Carrier.

If you are a returning Customer, we are very grateful for your custom. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions for ways in which our products might be improved.

If you are new to Templar’s Gear, then a very warm welcome to you! We will be proud to supply you and we hope to convince you that our products are truly special.