TG-KSAV Koursores WZ93/Cummerbund M

Catalogue index: TG-KSAV-WZ93-M / Trade index: TG-KSAV-WZ93-M

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    • 5904433630245
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    • TG-KSAV-WZ93-M


KSAV - Koursores Soft Armor Vest is a light laser-cut MOLLE platform dedicated only for soft ballistic inserts (front/back/sides). It is eqiupped with Rapid Open Connector buckles (cummerbund .and harness) system and front buckles-attached placards system - all compatible with GEN4 CPC/TPC vests. The set consists of a vest (both front and rear for soft ballistic inserts), a side cummerbund with integrated pockets for soft ballistic inserts. Plate carrier is made of durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, IRR treated.
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Trade index:
  • TG-KSAV-WZ93-M