Universal Radio Pouch URP Gen 1.1 RG

Indeks katalogowy: TG-URP-1.1-RG / Indeks handlowy: TG-URP-1.1-RG

  • Camouflage:
  • Indeks handlowy:
    • TG-URP-1.1-RG
  • Kod EAN:
    • 5904433600132


Universal radio pouch is fitted to carry various types of personal radios or even AR15/AK magazine. Pouch design allows you to adjust depth (felcro flap) and width (shock cord with stoper) in order to accommodate diverse types of personal radios (bigger than in TG-RP), securing at the top by a small velcro flap with shock cord. Sides and the front wall of the pouch have additional polymer stiffening. Pouch is made of durable Cordura 500D-based laminate and durable Cordura 1000D-based laminate.

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Indeks handlowy:
  • TG-URP-1.1-RG