PT4 M Gen III WZ93 Tactical Belt

Indeks katalogowy: TG-PT4-GIII-WZ93-M / Indeks handlowy: TG-PT4-GIII-WZ93-M

  • Camouflage:
  • Size:
  • Indeks handlowy:
    • TG-PT4-GIII-WZ93-M
  • Kod EAN:
    • 5904433625913


PT4 is a low profile battle belt that is made to be use in conjunction with any riger or duty belt not wider than 50 mm. The outer surface is made of laminate and designed to be MOLLE compatible. The design allows to let the inner belt on the outer surface in certain places, which allows to attach the belt holster. There is a special comfort pad with velur added, which made the belt more comfortable in use. Velur fabric can attach to hook velcro for adidtional stability. The belt has 4 attachments to the harness (works with our X-Harness and 4 point H-Harness). PT4 comes in 3 sizes: S, M, L. Belt is made of a durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, which is an IRR treated material.

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Indeks handlowy:
  • TG-PT4-GIII-WZ93-M