4 point H-Harness MultiCam Black

Indeks katalogowy: TG-H-HAR-4-MCB / Indeks handlowy: TG-H-HAR-4-MCB

  • Camouflage:
  • Indeks handlowy:
    • TG-H-HAR-4-MCB
  • Kod EAN:
    • 5904433607131


H-Harness is designed for use with all types of tactical belts with 4 attachment points (our PT1 and PT4 tactical belts). Harness allows to equal weight distribution of the heavy equipment carried on the belt and consists of the back panel with shoulders (both with laser-cut MOLLE compatible panels) with 4 attachment straps and removable chest strap with fastex buckle. Shoulders and back panel’s inner layer are made of soft spacer mesh and a thin closed-foam liner to increase the user’s comfort. Harness is made of Cordura 500D and a durable Cordura 500D-based laminate. Both fabrics are IRR treated.

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Indeks handlowy:
  • TG-H-HAR-4-MCB