Convertible Dangler Pouch MC

Indeks katalogowy: TG-CDP-MC / Indeks handlowy: TG-CDP-MC

  • Dostawa: od 4,92 € (Kurier DPD)
  • Indeks handlowy:
    • TG-CDP-MC
  • Kod EAN:
    • 5904433621151
  • Waga [kg]:
    • 0,4
  • Camouflage: MULTICAM
102,83 € brutto / szt. 83,60 € netto + 23% VAT / szt.


Convertible Dangler Pouch is designed to use in conjunction with any plate carrier (Velcro adapter) and as standalone product (can be converted to Waist pack).
Three outside pockets closed by zip fasters and two soft pockets inside main cargo compartment can help store essential equipment.
Velcro panel inside can be used to attach organizers or another ifak, CAT can be attached at the bottom with use of shock cord and Cordura stabilizer.
Dangler is designed to accommodate soft armor inserts to protect lower part of abdomen.
Dangler Pouch is made of Cordura 500D and durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, both are IRR treated.


Cechy produktu
Camouflage: MULTICAM
Indeks handlowy:
Waga [kg]:
  • 0,4

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